Fantastic Furniture


Fantastic Furniture is Australia's leading furniture retailer company which included 75 stores across the nation-wide. With the Fantastic Furniture online site, you can shop the furniture online. The company sells the furniture that subsumes sofas, mattresses, dining, kids and nursery furniture, lamps, office, storage, bedroom furniture and many other items. You can enjoy the amazing value furniture packages deals such as bedroom packages, office packages, and living packages by using fantastic furniture online site. The Fantastic Furniture is one of the first companies that allow customers to bundle their furniture as a package. Whether you are moving out for the first time and moving into a new home, the available best option for you is that Fantastic Furniture affordable furniture and bedding which can create your home as a lovable place. Since 25 years, the Fantastic Furniture has been grown to become a one of the largest furniture and bedding manufacturers and retailers. With the shop at Fantastic Furniture, you can get the lowest price guaranteed feature when compared to other competing stores. The Fantastic Furniture company makes the sofas with quality, stylish and comfy. Among those,you can choose the best of yours favorite fabric and color. Royal Comfort Bedding company collaborated with the Fantastic Furniture to produce the quality mattresses and it makes more than 135,000 mattresses for every year.

Fantastic Furniture Bedroom & Mattresses

While coming to the Fantastic Furniture beds, you can find various types of beds such as single beds, bed heads, kid beds, double beds, king single beds, queen beds, bunk beds, king beds and trundles. If you want to make your bedroom with the comfortable beds, you can prefer and select one of the available listings of beds provided by Fantastic Furniture. Accordingly, you can deserve the most comfortable bed with the shopping at Fantastic Furniture. In the available beds, you can find the beds with a different type of materials and affordable price. So that, you can fulfill your dreams with the assistance of Fantastic Furniture. In response to this, you can see various types beds such as Bingo Single Bed, Tokyo double bed, Foldaway guest bed, Oakley Trundle, Zac single bed, Elsa bed, Fashion single custom bed head, sleek single custom bedhead, Bondi double bed and much more. Along with the name of the beds, you can view the pictures of the beds also and it will be easier for you to select the bed that you are desired or feel comfortable.


The Fantastic Furniture Bedroom has a wide range of beds, bedside tables, wardrobes, manchester & bedding, bedroom storage, wardrobe accessories, bedroom 3 piece sets, tallboys & slimboys, dressers & chests and bedroom packages. For every bedroom, bedside tables are essential to store the things and it creates the bedroom in a way that not only to look more complete but also storing purpose. Using Fantastic Furniture bedside tables, you can store the evening essentials which include novels, books, spectacles, reading glasses, lamps, small water pots, etc. Otherwise, you may want the bedside table as to match with your bed design and you can find out at the Fantastic Furniture online. You can realize various types of bedside tables at Fantastic Furniture and they are Toto 2 drawer bedside table, Como bedside drawer, Speedy kids bedside table, Barbie dreamtopia 1 drawer bedside table, Princess 2 drawer bedside table, Groove Lamp Table, Cabin 2 Drawer Bedside Table and much more. If you are struggling to filter out your favorite bedside table, you can refine the optimum results by choosing size whether 1 drawer, 2 drawers, 3 drawers, 3 Door, 1 Drawer and range like Barbie, Toronto, Como, Elegance, Havana, Kingston, Tahiti, Toto, Princess, etc. In accordance with your selection of options, the Fantastic Furniture will show you the filtered results and you can buy your interested bed table from the Fantastic Furniture online. In this way, you can buy other bedroom facilities such as wardrobes, wardrobe accessories, bedroom 3 piece sets and much more using Fantastic Furniture online site. With this available furniture, you can make your bedroom as a complete and get more space than before.


When it comes to the Fantastic Furniture Mattresses, you will be able to get a great range of mattresses and you can buy a new Australian made mattresses by making shop at Fantastic Furniture online. Definitely, you can find the mattresses that suit your budget that means the Fantastic Furniture provides you the mattresses at affordable prices. The company offers you a variety type mattresses such as foam mattresses, mattress base, double, queen, single, cot, king single, ensembles and double. By choosing the size whether cot, foam, double, king single, etc. and range Balloon, Platinum, Serenity, Sleepheaven, Winx, etc. The online site of Fantastic Furniture will show the refined results relevant to the mattresses according to the chosen size and range. With the showed results, you can select and buy the mattresses through the online shopping at Fantastic Furniture.

Fantastic Furniture's Sofas & Armchairs

As everyone knows sofas are the best place for more than simply a place to sit and it is a center of attraction at your home. The sofas added the texture, fashion, trend, a splash of color and absolute comfort in your living room. So, while choosing the sofas you need to prefer the best one among various sofa types. Whether you want a sofa as bold, beautiful, big, sleek, discreet and chic chairs. The Fantastic Furniture is the best place to get those types and you can choose the sofa that fulfills your seating needs. Whereas in the category of sofas & armchairs, you can find out the different sections such as longue sets, armchairs, ottomans, sofa beds & futons, chaises, recliners, modulars, etc. For your living room, you can choose the type of sofa and armchair based on the available menu on Fantastic Furniture online site. In order to access the sofas & armchairs at Fantastic Furniture, you need to visit the online site in which you can view the sofas & armchairs on the home page itself. When you click the sofas & armchairs, you will be able to buy your sofa that meets your requirements through the Fantastic Furniture online site.

Living & Dining Room at Fantastic Furniture

When you go to the online site of Fantastic Furniture, you can search for Living and dining room assets to make your home as beautiful and get attracted to anyone. Otherwise, if you want to revamp your living room, you can take a look at Fantastic Furniture because it has a wide range of coffee and lamp tables and living room furniture at premium costs. In the living room section of the Fantastic Furniture, you will be viewed various types of assets that subsume coffee tables, lamp tables, entertainment units, TV stands and Hallway & entry tables. The available menu at the Living room of Fantastic Furniture includes Butler folding tray table, geo coffee table, zeo square lamp table clear, Hayman side table, Geo TV stand, Como TV stand and much more. With the help of online Fantastic Furniture, you can make your dining room with a new type of furniture and you will be able to get that furniture at affordable cost only. The Fantastic Furniture has a range of dining tables, sets, dining chairs, bar tools and buffets. With the help of online Fantastic Furniture, you can treat yourself as a new dining room. Accordingly, the Fantastic Furniture provides you the dining room assets such as Bistro chair, Worx large bar stool, button stool, Zara chair, Zeta Barstool, Balmoral Chair, etc. Based on your favorite size whether 1 seater, 4 seaters, 8 seater, 6 seater, extension and door and range whether it is Dalton, Capitol, Havana, Alto, Elle, Camden, Boss, Button, etc., you can get the refined results through the use of Fantastic Furniture online.

Home Accessories at Fantastic Furniture

The home accessories mainly give you the finishing touch to get the beauty for your home whether it's a perfect lamp on the bedside or cozy rug in the lounge. Including wall art, cushions, lamps, and mirrors, you can find the best options from the Fantastic Furniture online. The top sellers of the Fantastic Furniture are Kimbra round rug, Saturn floor lamp, Blaze rug large geo and Blaze rug large diamond. You can take the tips and suggestions from the Fantastic Furniture guidelines because they help you to find your home accessories that fit your budget. After buying the home accessories like mirrors, wall arts, cushions, etc., you need not worry about the payment because the Fantastic Furniture offers you the online payment. With the online payment of Fantastic Furniture, you can easily get the benefits using a credit card, debit card or online banking.

Services of Fantastic Furniture

To get the aforementioned services like home accessories, living & dining room assets, bedroom furniture, etc., you can easily get the furniture through click and collection option in which you can estimate the product availability that means whether it is out of stock or available on the Fantastic Furniture online. Based on the click and collection option, you can place the order and wait for some time to confirm by the company that your order is ready for collection. The confirmation process will take 60 minutes and the Fantastic Furniture may not able to deliver immediately due to lack of products on time. In that situation, the company contacts you to know when you want to order or receive the product. Thereafter, you can receive the mail for your product confirmation and you should bring a copy of the email to the warehouse store that mentioned on the email copy. In addition to this service, you can get soft shield protection which is a warranty system that protects your sofa system from the accidental spills and stains from common household substances. Based on the type of sofa, you can get the 3-year or 6-year warranty for your sofa to protect from the little accidental spills. According to the type of warranty and a seating capacity of your sofa, the company calculates the cost in order to protect your sofa.

The added services provided by the Fantastic Furniture that includes Ezy plan, lowest price guarantee, join Fantastic friends, interest-free finance, My choice custom bedhead and My choice Aussie made sofas. When it comes to the explanation of EzyPlan, you can schedule for a rental financing to enjoy the furniture package without the big cash lay or without a deposit. With the EzyPlan, you get to keep the same product you have rented for to make payment at the end of the term. You can choose your favorite packages and items from the huge range of Fantastic Furniture items and packages. Some of the items that you can rent on Fantastic Furniture which are Mattresses & ensembles, Lounge suits & Recliners, Sofas & Sofa Beds, Furniture packages and much more. For participating in the EzyPlan, you are required to apply for it on online and the service will be available for you at any time. The time will take for completing this process is 10 minutes only and you can apply for EzyPlan from the online site or mobile. If you realize that your application has been approved, you can contact the member of Fantastic Furniture to speak about the EzyPlan. Along with this service, you can enjoy the flexible finance that means you can simply get the new furniture from the Fantastic Furniture without outlay cash. You can spread the repayment on a monthly basis and free interest repayments on a weekly or monthly basis. For different purchases, you need to make the repayments and you will get 12 months or 6 months interest-free. To apply for flexible finance, you are required to select the nearest store from your location and you can apply for online which can take a couple of moments. You can receive the confirmation message via SMS once your application is approved. Thereafter, you just go to the warehouse store and sign on the documents to confirm your flexible finance application. You can select your goods after completion of flexible finance program.